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3 Big Problems Aquaculture Beef Cattle

Cow cultivation is a matter that deserves attention. One indicator of the success of the government in regulating governance in a country is the reduction of poverty and unemployment reduction. However, someone determinants of poverty does not lie in the hands of the government alone, but a major factor in human beings themselves.
This is corroborated by a verse in the Qur'an which explains that "God will not change the fate of his people but himself". The contents of the paragraph containing the intent that every human being prosecuted for trying to be a full human life. Cultivation Uaaha Cow
One form of human effort in improving its economy kehidupanya is established. If someone is willing to seek knowledge related to economic improvement in human beings, in fact in the religious texts, articles in online media, as well as the other place have exposed areas of revenue enhancer to improve one's standard of living.
To focus on pembahasanya then in this article, the strategy focuses enhancer income through the cultivation of beef cattle farming is today, actually still has a promising future. Why can say so? There are several reasons, including:
national demand for meat was so much especially during Muslim religious holidays (Eid firi / Eid al-Adha).
proliferation of creative industries, especially in the field of culinary either in the hotel or in a restaurant, so the implications on the demand for beef
bawdy bawdy-cattle imports from abroad by the government. Thus, resulting in consumers tend to look for local cattle with quality imports to meet its needs.
Needs of Indonesian consumers for beef each year has increased, but domestic cattle production has decreased. Government through the Department of Agriculture, presented the national beef production in the country as follows:
In 2008 some 1,930,716 tons.
In 2009 a number of 409 310 tonnes.
In 2010 a number of 436 452 tonnes.
In 2011 some 485 333 tonnes.
In 2012 a number of 505 477 tonnes.
Sources www.deptan.go.id. The data, provide evidence that the prospect of raising cattle is still bright. The issue then, for someone in the cultivation of a cow is a cow cultivation understanding itself. Therefore, for the prospective breeder must first understand the three biggest problems in cattle farming, namely:
Selection of seedlings / saplings cow
enlargement cow
sales strategy
The third problem relates to the cultivation of the cow, the author can through observation while managing the group's staff breeder Sidorejo Village Bendosari Sukoharjo District of Central Java from 2010-2012. Cattle Seed Selection
To be more clear on the issue of cow cultivation, first be clear about the biggest problem is the selection of the first cows. As cattle farmers beginner to first create a concept, because most cattle farmers can be classified into 3 forms of business (magnification models, models and models of cutting cattle breeding).
It is said that an enlarged model of the farmer to buy seeds from other breeders then at a predetermined time average of 1-2 years then sold magnifying results. The next model, the model contains mean breeding breeders maintain broodstock so that breeders strive to maintain the best possible.
After that, if it had entered a period of mating, breeders may request assistance from the animal husbandry department to do mating injection. The last model is a model cow cutting, Java is often called a slaughterhouse / slaughterhouses, breeders only limited means receive / seek cattle ranchers who are ready to make cuts and then sell the beef.
In connection with the selection of cows, then in this article is directed to the enlargement of the model. Errors that often occur in the selection of seeds is 3 things:
purchase seeds that are too expensive
seeds / seedlings are too young cattle
errors in the selection of cows
The first error is that cow chicks are too expensive, meaning that the farmer should have a clear picture, a clear plan in the enlargement process of the cow. For example, the enlargement process takes 1.5 years and an estimated selling price of 15 million cows the farmer will have to look for the price of cattle puppies under 10 million, that would be even cheaper.
Why is that? In cattle rearing will spend a lot of expenses including animal feed (hay, brand, bran), stimulants / penggemuk cow (grosok salt, molasses), the cost of care (vaccinations), custodian fee (employees).
The second error in the selection of seed / seedling cow is too young saplings, meaning farmers cultivated select seeds / seedlings cow age (separated from its mother's milk). Javanese people call it "already dikeluh". Have often found farmers suffered heavy losses when choosing puppies that are too young, too young for puppies that are very susceptible disease, no quickly if they do not get a fat intake of milk from its mother.
The third error in the selection of seedlings / saplings is the choice of beef cows, farmers sometimes do not heed dibudidayakannya type of cattle. In fact, one determines the cows will result in a variety of ways.
Among the old enlargement, generated a large cow and so on. For that a breeder in choosing the type of cattle adapted to the stables, farms, feed availability and the type of cattle that are most needed by consumers. Therefore, breeders need to learn the type of cow and its character. Enlargement Puppies Cow
At this stage the decisive big / small size of the cow. To produce beef special (weighted and has a good quality meat) required augmentation strategies following:
make the best possible cowshed, globally say good cage should be clean, spacious, and has a place to eat and drink good, can ask for more details on the animal husbandry department.
intake of good food, for the food cultivated greenery (elephant grass), if they were there, it can be replaced with hay, straw fermentation, but it added another intake include providing bran, brand, bran, molasses and coarse salt into a mixing drink cow.
care and health screening, breeders important to learn various things about cow disease paralyzed leg, mosquito bites, flu, lack of appetite and so on.
It's important to have an understanding of the diseases of cattle and susceptible to movements of cattle. no less important then the farmer should have penjawalan daily in the treatment of cattle ranging from checking the morning, afternoon and evening. Sales strategy
Cattle ranchers occasionally beginners will often experience a loss in selling cattle. The loss is caused by ignorance of the farmer in determining market share, lack of knowledge about the right time in the sales, such as: determining market share
If the cow is beef cattle, it can cooperate with the participating cooperative slaughterhouse and cattle ranchers, if none can be sold directly to consumers, it could come to market cows or establishing cooperation with restaurant / hotel. But keep in mind when selling cattle to market, first do a survey and do not bring in the cows for almost every market there tengkulan / Java name "blantik" who sometimes commit fraud. Ignorance right time to sell cattle
If you have a beef slaughterhouse, then this is not a concern. However, for farmers who do not have the market share (restaurants, abattoirs and cooperation with the government), then the breeder must understand the situation in the region.
Take for example in Java: usually the price of cows / cattle in the month of June-August when the new student registration, cattle prices are relatively cheap, whereas if the approaching big day Eid al-Adha, usually expensive. Moreover, in Java buying and selling cattle market every follow the market of Java, so not all beef market transactions on a daily basis.
Being a man is obliged to strive, therefore there is no harm if the cow immediately tried screaming effort. Keep in mind science is a factor of the success of a business, and therefore the science novice breeders need to find as many-many from upstream to downstream in raising cattle.
The author in this case, merely giving signs in cattle breeding is hoped that this paper can make the appropriate conceptual framework in the study and practice of raising cattle. Good luck in your study. Thus the discussion of the cultivation of cattle that can be delivered, may be useful.

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