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Practical Tips for Decorating Room Kost

What do you know about the boarding room decor? The life of a student or students, particularly students / learners migrants from outside the area where they are studying, never apart from boarding room. But not only the students who choose to live in a boarding room, many employees and laborers occupy chambers that boarding. Room Decorating Tips Kost
Usually small boarding room. Anyone has a bathroom inside, but the majority are outside the bathroom to be shared. Talk about minimalist, sightings of the average dorm room, efficient and economical place furniture. Prospective residents must complete kostnya rooms with their own furniture.
Indeed, there is also a boarding room which has a complete ready-made furniture and other necessities. Of course price is more expensive monthly rent. Actually changing the minimal tiny rented room furniture into the rooms comfortable and very easy to draw. Only need creativity in the boarding room decor.
In the boarding room decoration, we must pay attention to the following points:
Choose furniture that have a dual function, for example a sofa that can be used as a bed.
Room lighting should be good to avoid the condition of the rooms were stuffy and cramped, especially if the boarding room has no windows.
Bright colors can give broad effect. Paint a wall or ceiling with light color paint. For the floor can use a light-colored carpet as well.
The layout of the furniture and room arrangement is an important point. Generally, in a rented room there are four division of space that is part of the bed, the place to study or work, part kitchen and part empty.
Especially for boarding room size minimalist, there are some tips that may help:
Limit the amount of furniture in the room. If you want to add more furniture such as chairs. Choose a small chair to sit rather than choosing a large sofa. Large furnishings will actually make the room look even smaller.
Choose furniture with smooth solid color or patterned or small, avoid overly crowded patterned furnishings and bold.
Place the patterned furniture at a separate location. Because if you put the furniture is patterned on one place, the room will seem crowded and cramped.
Mirrors can give the effect of expanding the small room. Hang a mirror on the wall in any size.
Use a solid color to paint the walls. In order to look more attractive, combine two solid color matching. So that the room seem spacious, can be used purple, blue and violet. But if you want to use a neutral color, white color combination is good to choose a blue or green color combination of beige color. If want to use a patterned wall paper, choose a subtle patterned wallpaper and small.
Hang paintings or drawings are interesting views, to give the impression of a windowless room, if there is no room in the window.
Keep furniture that is small in a cabinet or drawer, small furniture cluttering the room look cramped impressive.
Use furniture that is high so that the ceiling seem higher. Birthday Room Decorating Kostmu
Do not be lazy to decorate the room. The rooms are comfortable, neat and fun to push up feeling better. Feelings that can make us happy spirit in living activities. Here are some practical and economical tips that we can apply to decorate a room or space: Creator on the walls and windows
It turns out postcards we can use to decorate the walls. The good postcards are framed on the wall before. It is recommended to not use glue or isolation, as it can contaminate the wall. Alternatively, we can use Tack-it or Blu-Tack is a kind of synthetic rubber that can be used for attaching lightweight objects such as paper, posters and other wall.
Put a whiteboard or chalkboard bulletin board on the wall. Besides functioning to attach notes and schedules, we can put all sorts of photos and images that look interesting. Bulletin board and whiteboard useful at all to make us become more organized activities.
Draw the curtains cover the windows themselves. The window curtains that hung down to the floor to give the impression of the room becomes widespread. Then sew the curtain itself is considered troublesome, we can order it in vending ingredients that provide sewing services as well. Actually not too difficult to sew curtains, we can use a small sewing tools shaped staples.
Paint the room by using paint that is washed using a sponge to create the effect of clouds on the wall. If you have drawing skills, can be poured into the top of the wall. Think of the wall as a canvas for drawing. To be safe, we can use the crayons that are easily removed using a sponge and warm water or washable crayons Creator at the door
Has it occurred to hang the whiteboard on the door? To save money, buy a thin and lightweight board whiteboard surface is coated with melamine resin. Room decor is functional nan
Use furniture based organizer. Currently has a lot of stores that sell a variety of organizer, for example organizer for clothes, shoes, books and magazines, bags and others. In addition, there is also a great organizer rack for investment. The organizer rack hung on the wall to put stuff that is not too heavy.
Buy a clothes hook for hooking jackets, hats, belts and others. If you do not want a private space such as a bed or dirty laundry exposed to guests who come to the boarding room, we could cover the personal space barrier cloth.
Had a multitude of books, while the boarding room had not fit if you have added one more bookshelf? Or maybe because the funds to buy no bookshelves. Do not let the books scattered on the floor or piled in a corner, there is a super economical trick to this problem. heap of books vertically upwards. Sort of the greatest books to books with the smallest size. Similar to the model results Sapien bookcase an Italian designer named Bruno RAINALDI.
Prepare boxes to put things and functioned as a versatile box. To make it look more presentable and attractive, beautify cardboard display using wrapping paper, patterned fabric or plastic that is commonly used for patterned tablecloth. It is recommended to use a patterned plastic to keep the cardboard to make it more durable and protected from getting wet because of the water.
Supports Greening campaign Bumiku by placing one or two potted plants in the tiny room. In addition to donating oxygen, small potted plants to beautify the room.
So that the air in the room does not smell bad, use candles or aromatherapy oils. In addition to the air freshener, aromatherapy oils are very good for relaxation. However, please note, when using aromatherapy oils or candles, make sure the room has good ventilation. able to open the doors or windows for air circulation is maintained and we can take the value of the benefits of aromatherapy without harming ourselves.
Paced boarding room minimalist look can be interesting and fun if we right in doing good boarding room decor. do new innovations if bumped the cost to buy furniture. We can recycle furniture or old items and turning them into new furniture that is multifunctional. Keep on creating.

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