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3 Former Indonesian singer Little Success To Adult

A dozen years ago, some very contrasting coloring singer growth of Indonesian children. Call it the prodigy Joshua, Tina Toon the bolo-bolo, and Tasya shepherd. The names of these young artists are so well known and very familiar with the children in his time. Their song is very booming at the time. In fact, until now.
As the growth phase, the singer is transformed into a human-human teens and adults. However, the nickname when they become a singer sometimes still attached. For some of them, the nickname was agreed very well with the full awareness that they had ever been in the past and with that name.
Even so, it is not uncommon that the former singer still feels awkward when called by the name "ciliknya". He said they felt awkward. Therefore, some of them are changing the image. For example, rename or change the style of the reasons, "Here I am now, not a singer anymore." Until Successful Adult
Not all young singers have the same level of fame as adults. Some of them stopped merely be a singer career. However, there are several former Indonesian singer who is no less a success than when the singer status. Here are three former successful singer career into adulthood. 1 Agnes Monica
Who does not know the song Nobody Logic, Love at the End of the Road, my Sun, Go ahead and Due Kusanggup Yes, the songs are owned by former child singer Agnes Monica. Women born July 1, 1986 is indeed a very ambitious one and mean it. Agnes is a man who insists on pursuing his dream.
No half-hearted, Agnes entrusts the dream to be following in the footsteps of international singer Anggun C. Sasmi. Agnes dream is not grandiose and exaggerated. He dreamed worth it because it is supported by excellent singing ability. Characteristic Agnes on stage is a dance that is so macho and would remain exotic.
Various achievements and awards have been achieved Agnes Monica in areas of singing and acting. Go international step was initiated when cooperating with colleagues Keith Martin as a duet in the second album, Whaddup A '..?! In the field of acting, Agnes flapping wings internationally by acting with Jerry Yan, Taiwanese artist F4.Mereka members compete acting in a Taiwanese drama called "The Hospital" and "Romance In the White House". Other achievements of Agnes Monica
The road to becoming an international singer who go more wide open. In 2008 and in 2009 started his international achievements. He managed to get an award in Seoul South Korea in the Asia Song Festival event. As a multitalented singer who can field all they are the strongest and always succeed.
Titled his fifth albun Sacredly Agnezious in 2009 he co-produced his own, also some of the songs he had created himself. Acquisition of all appreciation in Indonesia quite a lot, for the award of Anugerah Music Indonesia he has collected over 10 trophies.
In the event he's Panasonic Awards berhasilkan collecting seven awards from MTV Indonesia Awards and managed to get a total of four awards. Coupled with the election of Agnes Monica as the anti-drug ambassador. Proving that not only the former Agnes Monica singer but also as a singer, musician and even entertain extraordinary talent.
Actually there are many more accomplishments held by this small former singer. However, so many can not be mentioned one by one. Be proud of the talented young artists we are. Indonesian Hopefully getting ahead in the entertainment industry with the presence of Agnes. 2 Bondan Prakoso
Successful former child singer Bondan Prakoso second there. The reappearance of "The Dolphin" in the Indonesian music scene is not alone. Bondan Prakoso comes back with a rap musician who named his group Fade 2 Black. The song titled Flowers are thrown into the market and as a first step in the return of Bondan welcomed by the Indonesian music lovers. Yeah, Bondan is back!
Bondan Prakoso seems indeed a very humble person in the career and personal life. It was his show to get married at a young age. Bondan status as a husband who incidentally did not dampen the trail of his career. Name Bondan Prakoso Fade 2 Black with skyrocketed when a single Yes never mind played.
But before he joined the band Funky Corporal in 1999 and 2002, as the bassist in the band. Bondan and his bandmates managed to get an award from the event AMI Awards in 2001.nah, new in 2005 after resigning from the band Funky Corporal himself back to form a new band, Bindan & amp; Fade To Black.
Quite a lot of albums and songs from Bondan Prakoso that has been created. Following them;
As a singer when she was little she has produced eight albums of children from 1988 to 1995 his solo career as a bassist to make a work titled Sub Phsycadelic Rythim (Bass Heroes).
Funky corporal works with, the album "funchopat" in 1999, the album "Funkadelic Rhythm And Distorsion" in 2000 and the album "Mystery of Love" in 2003 collaborate with Djodi Setiawan. Works with Fade To Black in the album "Respect" in 2005 with a single pledge Flowers. The album "Unity" in 2007 with the title track Kroncong Protol. And in the album "For All" in the year 2010 with a single pledge Ya Never mind. 3 Sherina Munaf
Who does not know this little artist. Sherina Munaf is his full name. A singer and actress who starred in The Adventures of Sherina, started stretching Indonesian film after near-death experience. Yes, Sherina Munaf has now grown. Sherina back keartisannya began his career with a more mature image. The songs on the album is no less skyrocketed adult with children's album.
Despite large and several years of vacuum and undergoes a transition from singer to be a singer adult children. Adult career as a singer began when releasing an album titled "Prima Donna" in 2007 with a single pledge "Alone". Nuanced rock song that seemed to illustrate that now Beyonce is a different figure, not the figure of a child like that attached to him first.
The girl is good at playing the piano has been the soundtrack of several films in Indonesia. Call it the Ayat-Ayat Cinta and Laskar Pelangi Amazingly, the girl who was having an affair with The Goat, Raditya Dika, is very good at creating songs. The songs in the soundtrack of the movie and the album was created by musician Fariz RM's nephew.
First Love and Last, Go you, and geregetan, the three songs that catapulted the name Beyonce back in the world of celebrities. Lately, Sherina Munaf also was asked to star in one of the world's leading cosmetic brands. In the ad, Beyonce look like international models and show his true identity as the transformation of a child into an adult artist

Another achievement has also been Sherina perolah, for example, he was appointed as a filler charity event and was invited by the famous mandarin star, Jackie Chan. In a charity event that Beyonce had the opportunity to perform with other singers from other Asian countries.
Just like Agnes Monica and Bondan Prakoso, Sherina is also multitalented singer. The album "Prima Donna" reportedly produced by Sherina own. World presenter also has dijajalnya, first when still a child singer Sherina he never brought several events, Quiz Sherina, Sherina Main Together, Jiffest RCTI and when growing up as Friends Narrator Letters in 2006.
Being a singer has certainly, act and play the movie also, be a songwriter, producer, commercials, ambassador in various events. It's full of all the talent that is in Sherina.

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