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4 How to Find Legal Services

Indonesian state law. The Indonesian population should be subject to the law. Issues surrounding the law will be twisted for noncompliance. Indonesian society is still relatively blind to the law. Then the legal services is the main option. Additional Info
Legal services stems in service Because it is not visible, intangibles (invisibles), then the dimension of legal services that can be measured is about the output, treatment, and ease of access. Famous legal services andekdot "unflinching defense of the pay". Certainly not mistaken, because the client-oriented legal services. Advocates are paid (usually) to champion the cause of the client.
Choosing the legal services to be sreg. Not always a good is expensive. There is still a credible legal services, but not charging for people not able to, due to legal services is a human right. The obligation is the government if the suspect is not able to provide legal services. So there is no reason for legal services not rendered. Live our insight about the law that must be added in order not to blind law. Tips and Tricks
So, to overcome this we see a 4 way seek legal services.
Advocate office. Visited directly to the advocate's office. Select the services that you believe advocate. Credibility is number one. Do not select an advocate office that had a bad track record. However, did you have to have a fat wallet to hire a reliable lawyer who frequently appeared on television.
NGO. Ask for references from NGOs. 98 Eg in the era of the famous Indonesian Legal Foundation. Choose a trusted NGO that references could be given the right target.
Internet. Legal services over the internet milling about in cyberspace. They provide internet consulting eg via Yahoo Messenger. Variety of available rates, depending on the legal issues that convolute. You must be smart to choose legal services over the internet. Do not buy a cat in a sack. Carefully before choosing legal services. Then, check back t rack ricek recor d the legal services.
State apparatus. For example when you are entangled in human rights cases, reported to the National Commission on Human Rights. Or adolescent problems, reported to the National Commission for Child Protection. They will provide space and time for you. In fact, the legal issues surrounding will they handle.

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