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3 Friendship The Inspirational Film

Film friendship, if ever inspire you? Friendship is a relationship that is hard to define. So special a relationship called friendship is, there are many words that are strung pearls to reveal the meaning of friendship. In fact, up until venturing into the world of film director whose films inspired a lot of friendly relations.
Many movie-themed companions. It's just that, among the many movie-themed friend, certainly not all that inspiring film about friendship. Especially memorable films till now, though had not been watching it.
Of the many films about friendship, following some inspiring film about friendship and will add to warm your heart space. In fact, from the movie about friendships you will make more lasting friendships. 1 The Kite Runner (2007)
The Kite Runner is a film adaptation of the novel of the same title, written by Khalid Hosseini 2003.
Tells the story of two friends of different caste, one child and another child's employer maid. This touching film that begins when the adult Amir gets a call from Rahim Khan, Amir's father companions. He best understands Amir A, ie writing, even feelings of Amir.
He asks Amir to meet the ailing in Peshawar, Pakistan. On the phone, Rahim deliver a sentence that makes Amir was thrown into the past. The sentence is, "There are many ways to be good again."
The film was presented to workflow flashback. Amir brought adults remember the past. Dikisahkanlah friendship between Amir small (child of honorable Pushtun tribes) and Hassan (children from ethnic minorities, namely the Hazara tribe who became a faithful servant in the family home Amir). So often played, Amir Hasan has been regarded as his own brother.
One day, when Hassan managed to catch a kite that broke. Then, he offered to his friend Amir. On the way home, they were confronted by a group of juvenile delinquents and force Hassan to give the kite.
Obviously he declined until finally advanced Hassan defended Amir, Amir ran away and hid. But unfortunately, Hasan instead beaten even sexually abused. In their dens, Amir could only see it without being able to do anything.
Amir went home greeted Baba who was proud to see his son managed to get the kite off. While Hassan, home, feeling miserable and crying in silence.
Over time Amir was upset. Until finally, in order to cover his guilt he designed a scenario that Hassan and his father were expelled from the house. Five years passed, Amir family was migrating to California, USA because of the war between the Soviets attacked Afghanistan erupted.
The film continues to flow back and forth, Amir adults feel they have a mental burden to immediately meet his friend and apologizes. Search began. Is Amir managed to meet up with friends who betrayed him and apologize? The answer, let's watch filmya. 2 Bicentennial Man (1999)
The film Bicentennial Man, starring a robot and played very well by veteran actor Robin Williams. This is old school movie, but it still feels feel- until now. How friendship turns out not only to humans by humans. However, between human and robot also appeared to be intertwined sense of friendship.
Science fiction drama genre, Bicentennial Man comes in the midst of film lovers and directed by Chirs Columbus. Just as The Runner, the film is based on a novel called The Pasitronic Man.
This film tells a robot output in 2005 is named Andrew. This robot was introduced to the Martin family to perform household tasks.
Some members of the Martin family, of course not easy to accept Andrew. Especially Grace, eldest daughter of Martin were always surly. Attitude Grace also indirectly led to the discovery that Andrew could identify human emotions.
Not only that Andrew excess. During a break, Andrew carve a statue to be dedicated to the little daughter of Richard Martin, Amanda, who was called Little Miss by Andrew.
Martin was surprised, he brought Andrew to the factory and to question the CEO of the company, if all the robots have advantages like Andrew?
The company's CEO Andrew analyze that development is a problem and Andrew will be disabled. Martin angry and decided to maintain a more humane Andrew.
Over time, Andrew was eager to be like a human. He also asked for freedom of the employer. Andrew began to change her appearance. As long as he transformed himself, 43 years later he visited Martin for the last time.
A few decades later, in 2070 he visited the Little Miss. However, once again met for the last time. Little Miss is survived by his grandchildren very much like him, Portia. Andrew fell in love and they were married.
Normal married life runs like a normal couple. However, his name is also the engine, Portia getting older while Andrew remained unchanged. The process of becoming a whole person continues to be done Andrew. In fact, Andrew to take legal action in order to be legally recognized as human beings.
Year 2205, Andrew became a man perfect. And what he had to say, 'I would rather die than live forever as a human being as a machine' was granted.
Besides Bicentennial Man, the film friendship between man and robot animation version also exists, which is an adaptation of the comic story written by Fujiko F.Fujio. Especially if not Nobita and Doraemon the robot cat. 3 Hachiko: A Dog's Story (2009)
Friendship between man and man, naturally happened. So, what about the friendship that exists between humans and animals?
A drama movie titled Hachiko: A Dog's Story is one of those movies that tells the friendship friendship with the man and the dog turns out there may occur.
Most of you already know that this film is taken from a true story, which was also filmed in Japan with the title of the film Hachiko Monogatari years 1987.Dalam Hachiko: A Dog's Story is produced in the United States, basically not much of a story in fact.
The story begins with the flow back and forth, with the setting of a classroom. Looks a number of students are presenting their heroes. Ronnie, a boy even more telling about his grandfather's dog named Hachiko.
The story flowed. Decades ago, there are types of Akita puppies from Japan arrived in America. But at the Railway station Bedridge, Wonsocked, United States, the puppy off of the cage and fall in freight cars. The dog found a college professor Parker Wilson, played very nicely by Richard Gere.
After a few days to coordinate with the station to find out who the owner of this puppy, it does not appear. Parker took her home. But Cate, Richard's wife maintained her objection puppy.
The next day, Parker brought the puppy take the train to the office. Arriving at the office, Parker met with the Japanese colleagues. Parker helps explain his friend's writings on the puppy necklace. It turns out that writing was read Hachiko, which means in Japanese, fared well.
Parker's wife slowly began to accept Parker Hachi maintained. Not a day passed without playing with Hachi. Hachi became a faithful dog Parker. Until one morning, when Parker was leaving for work, Hachi follow up to the train station.
Seeing this, Parker told Hachi home. Not unexpectedly, Hachi refuses to go home and finally forced Parker to drive her home. The next day as well, until Parker familiar with Hachi behavior. Hachi Parker drove to the train station and pick up Parker at the station anyway.
One day, while teaching, Parker had a heart attack and died. Hachi did not know that his master had died. Hachi continues to wait patiently for the return of Parker at the train station, to Michael Parker took her son home.
Cate homes sold, they moved, including Hachi. Hachi Andy now lives with daughter Cate with her ​​husband Michael, along with their son Ronnie. Hachi did not hold. He returned to the old home Parker and towards the station.
Time passed, Hachi still waiting, until he was old, shabby and finally lying down, asleep forever. The camera was returned to the classroom situation where Ronnie reporting something he considered a hero, which is Hachiko, a dog his grandfather.
Sometimes the main reason we made friendship that happens, often no more than the belief that someone or something will not harm or hurt.

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