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3 Things You Need to Know About Email the School

Ever see a unique email-address? For example, UI, ITB, Padjadjaran University, Widyatama, and so on. For example, anneahira @ It is a form of campus email, school email, or email educational institutions.
Email Criteria School
Furthermore, we call it a school email. Email a school is made, usually, to make it easier to establish communication within the school community. Questions lingered, why not use a conventional email addresses, such as yahoo, gmail, etc.?
The answer varies. However, the reason often cited is due to the unique school email, exclusive, and identity. Here are 3 things you need to know about the school email.
1 Unique
His name alone is different from the others. Thus, automated email address will be unique, as it has been written before. The uniqueness of this will appear when you write an email to someone else who is not from the same school.
This event occurs when you take the training to write, for example. The committee usually gives the attendance list to be filled at once by email. So when you write a school email, it will look unique. If others mostly email with yahoo and gmail, then you are with the school name.
Of course, this is also the information about your school. Yes, like advertising. People who read your email will be curious what your school site. Because email is also described the school. Therefore, schools should always clicking the site up to date.
Quite ironic, when schools have websites and the students have an email by using the school's website, but rarely at the site up to date. Of uniqueness is a great way to market the school. Marketing is done is marketing a subtle but striking.
2 Exclusive
Usually, though its use for personal entertainment can not be a little too worn out. It is said exclusive because only people who registered his name in the school and also in the school environment. Therefore, the active period of the email was there.
When you are no longer in school at that place, then the email will be deleted. But this is not a necessity. There are also schools which still gives the user an email to the alumni of the school. Because, this being also the media to gather alumni who have graduated.
If the recorded phone numbers could have been lost or changed number. However, if the email could still be reached during still remember pasword. If the password was experiencing forgetfulness can then ask the admin who handles the school's website.
3 Identity
Well, which one is of course to make it easier if an email address when read, will be immediately drawn to the educational institution concerned. This identity becomes invaluable.
It is obligatory for anyone who was in the school environment to constantly email mengguna school. If need be displayed at each time writing articles. Or even, on facebook and twitter information is also displayed nice school email. Email Benefit Schools
Email school basically runs just like any other conventional email. However, in the naming of email addresses are different at a glance. Typically, the division of information technology in the school which became the main organizer. Responsible email about the happenings around the school. From AZ IT division which makes guidance (guide).
Here are some benefits that can be gleaned from a school email address.
1 Communication
Communication between students, rectors, professors, regular employees, and so on, can be accommodated via email this school. Email school can also be a space in giving information quickly without bureaucracy. Because there is an admin at any time to check the incoming email.
But this is when the incoming email to the school. However, if the email is applied to the student, then the condition is the same as the other emails.
2 Interaction
Through this technology, at least, limit the bureaucracy can be slightly resolved. The impact of the interaction can terusannya smoothly. Without looking at the face of it would be able to launch communication. However, do not be mistaken as well. Said election will be important because not everyone can understand the meaning of the word in question.
Cheap 3
The cost to make the school email is not great. Moreover, certain benefits received will be greater than the costs incurred by the school. In summary, an efficient but effective. Email rampant School
Email school, in recent years, increasingly prevalent. It is not strange if the school has its own email address. Whether because of a trend or phenomenon so. To be sure, schools are really important email. Schools need in establishing communication. The ingredient can be a school email. Well, if you are now interested in making a school email address? Building a School Group
With email, the school can build a group. Group could be made here brainstorming event. Group also may not restrict the class. Anyone can join, as long as ever and still a student at the school. The discussion in the group could also studied the development of what school. There are so many benefits when schools make a group. Generally there are four types of talk in the group.
1. Sports
Sports section of the most talked about, especially football. By having a school e-mail can be custom made forum or a group of fellow students, teachers and alumni of the school to talk about sports. That discussion here will be exciting because it will provide input.
Although not a few also will appear diatribe. If this is the case, then the admin tasks that limit. Assess whether the problem is still worth continuing or not. Admin should be wise in this case.
2 Subjects
Group can also be used as a medium for the development of the material. Teachers who feel less time in class to strip the subject matter, can explain the continuation of the material in the group. Or, if there are students who do not understand the subject matter, so he could ask the opinion of the group members how to give a good understanding.
In addition, the alumni also can act to engage into a conversation exposing material. If still confused, then it is the duty of the teachers who joined the group to elaborate on the subject matter which is not understood by the students 'inception' in the group.
3 Writing
Group can also be used as a post event publicity. This is where the members of the group to comment on the published work. The members of the group not only praise, but also allowed to give criticism.
In addition, the group can also be used as a competition who most good writing, or the often published in the media. Then vote by members of the group. Many things related to writing that can be asked through the group. Therefore, take advantage of the e-mail address of the school's website will provide a positive impact on the school.
4 Talking about the film
Not everyone likes to learn, but most people like to watch movies. Well with the group made ​​sure to share what films are worth watching. Worthy of study.
So it is with teachers who joined the group could provide information of what the movie worth watching by students. That is, the teacher gives a synopsis or a review of the movie worth watching by students.
Alternatively, the teacher tried to encourage students to reflect on education does. For example, on the film Laskar Pelangi. Taken the lessons of the movie player. Where Taught exemplary and which ones are not worth emulating. Indeed, the group can make the event to exchange ideas.
It was with a school email address of the site from school giving a new color to the school. Because the school does not need to pay expensive advertising. Enough with the student email sekolahya he could promote himself. Most importantly, the school still use e-mail whenever the email must be included. Students and teachers should be proud mengguanakan email. Hopefully this simple article helpful.

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