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Tips Bird Flu Guidance

Extension of bird flu is one of the effective measures in the face of danger of bird flu. This is important, given the bird flu virus is classified as a type of virus that is not widely known by the public directly.
The virus is still considered a new type of virus that is deadly. Therefore, many people who died after being infected with bird flu, although there was also rescued his life.
By doing continuous extension of bird flu, is expected to be more and more people are familiar with all things related to the avian flu. Whether it's about signs of bird flu, bird flu causes, ways of handling the first to the prevention of bird flu.
Hopefully, the people know everything related to the bird flu could reduce the worst effects that could emerge if the bird flu virus attacks. But of course this process can not be done easily.
Constraints Extension Bird Flu
Some constraints usually encountered in the process of counseling the bird flu. Especially, if the extension is done in areas where the population has a low educational background. Problems of communication and information sharing is the key so that the extension can be done right on target and is able to achieve its objectives.
This difficulty occurs, because the people who have lower educational background is difficult to give an understanding to the use of technical language. Though bird flu education is usually based on technical data that uses scientific language, such as the name of the bird flu virus or medical problems.
Tips Bird Flu Guidance
To that end, in order to achieve the objectives of this bird flu counseling process must use appropriate communication strategies. Thus, the more people can understand the meaning and purpose as well as the danger of the bird flu virus.
Some things are done in order to be effective extension of bird flu include:
Know your audience who you are dealing with. Use everyday language that they use, so that the audience easily understand what is delivered.
Use the drawing tools to facilitate the audience to catch the material presented. So, other than through the description of words, the audience can physically see what has been mentioned. It can also be useful to attract the audience.
Interspersed with humor to ward off boredom in the audience listening to bird flu counseling. In addition, humor can be useful to refresh the mind making it easier to capture and understand the material extension.
Post a question and answer period with the audience. This is to anticipate some things that have not been delivered so that it can complement the above matter. In addition, to incorporate real conditions that occur in the field, with theoretical understanding.

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