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3 King Guitar Indonesia

So many guitarists throughout the world. But not all of them can be regarded as a maestro. According to one music magazine published in Brazil in 2008 revealed that at least there are only 50 guitarist that can be said is legendary and became the idol of the other guitarists around the world. Which ranks first none other than Jimi Hendrix. What about Indonesia? In Indonesia many great guitarist with a stunning work. Here 3 Indonesian guitar king.
guitarist Indonesia
While it may not be regarded as the king of guitars in the world, the Indonesian guitarist who is talented enough has no doubt his skills in controlling a guitar. They have enliven a series of stunning performances that makes a lot of people stunned. To the level of the world, most of the guitarists that crazy a lot of people including the guitarist's own it is a guitarist who joined the band rock with upbeat music and very fierce.
Skills play a guitar is very noticeable when the guitarist was performed with rock bands or even heavy metal. The physical appearance of the world's greatest guitarist also no less fierce than they play the strings of his guitar skills. The face is fierce, tattoos everywhere, unkempt hair, tight clothes and tight jeans, a hallmark of the guitarist's appearance. The pull their strings are tight, especially when playing the electric guitar, making them increasingly hysterical fans.
While in Indonesia, there is a great guitarist known who joined the band with msuik laternatif rock or rock, but there is also considered a great guitarist who did not play in a band with music cadan fierce. Balawan, for example. Guitarist of Bali is even played a sweet music or even missed sweet. However, look at what he did with his guitar. He is not picking his guitar, he even slapped his guitar. Pat is what makes Balawan known as the King of Tapping.
A guitarist can play music by joining and making a music group, or with the work itself.
I Wayan Balawan, initially chose to play alone before he joined with his fellow musicians, such as starch Bujana and Toh. Men born in Gianyar Bali have started playing music at the age of 8 years. At young age, Balawan already playing the song Scorpions, Deep Purple and The Beatles.
Balawan who had studied at the Australian Institute Of Music to deepen his guitar playing ability has made an album and became a singer on the album. His name is well known in the community of music lovers because of the unique way he plays guitar. Maybe in the whole world just Balawan who plays the guitar like that. No wonder that his name is often mentioned as one of the great guitarists enough of Indonesia.
In 1997 he returned to Indonesia. Arriving in his hometown, Balawan then formed a musical group Batuan Ethnic Fusion. This band combines jazz with ethnic music of Bali. Talent I Wayan Balawan play guitar with Tapping Touch Style technique, which plays almost no plucked guitar. He plays the guitar looks like playing the piano, always plays his eighth tab on the fretboard. The crowds were stunned when witnessing the strains of guitar strings are tapped by Balawan. Sense of wonder mingled awe often perceived by the audience.
Balawan been a few times on tour in Europe, like in the tour to Hell Blues Festival in Norway, East Meet West Gitarren Edekoben Festival Germany 2000 Tour and in 2001 toured to 20 cities in Germany. Balawan using a double neck guitar manufactured Stephallen, Sidoarjo, East Java. Guitar domestic production is an increasingly makes it sticking admiration.
It is undeniable that it is a great guitar made ​​in Indonesia. Until the year 2010 alone, Indonesia has the world's largest guitar exports. But now with all the complexity in economics, Indonesia should be proud enough guitar number three exporter in the world. So, if there is a guitar with a brand that is quite unique, try to examine it. Who knows the truth, the guitar that originated from Indonesia and handmade children skilled country. This news is rarely diterekspos. This is the business. Hanyang is willing to pay to be aired.
Another guitarist
Indonesia still has some other great guitarists. One of them dalah senior guitarist who is rarely performed because memangt age and preoccupations. He is Ian Antono. It seemed no one refused if Ian Antono included in the list of Indonesian guitar king. Ian Antono born in Malang on October 29, 1950 and has a real name Joseph Antono Djojo.

Who would have thought, guitarist of one of the legends of rock band God Bless This used to be a drummer. Besides God Bless been a guitarist, Ian Antono uga been a guitarist band Gong in 2000.
Ian Antono known as a musician who is very productive. He can work on several albums in a year. Albums musician Iwan Fals, Anggun C. Sasmi, Nicky Astria, Doel Donate, Gito Rollies, Ebiet Ikang Fawzi G Ade and his guitar playing skills have felt. Various awards were ever gets, like, Best Arranger and Best Composer for the album Barren, HDX Award for the song I Borrow This Book, The Best Selling Album and The Best Arranger & amp; Composer, HDX Award for album Warriors.
Now Ian Antono still occasionally performed together with some young players like Gods Budjana, Erros, and others. Excerpt of senarnua still death and his style was still too strong. Ian Antono never old as if to play the guitar. Facial wrinkles and skin as not being an obstacle when he plays with his favorite guitar. As a musician, his soul still young. He was highly respected by the young guitarist who knew him primarily through some phenomenal work.
god Budjana

I Dewa Gede Budjana or better known by the name of god Budjana born in Waikabubak, West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Men born in 1963, already interested in the guitar while he was in elementary school. The first Guru Dewa Budjana in playing the guitar is a builder who lived near his home. After graduating from school, god Budjana decided to move to Jakarta. In Jakarta he bertememu with Jack Lesmana, jazz maestro homeland. In 1994, he joined the band TEETH. Besides with GIGI, god Budjana has also issued 5 solo albums.
Budjana god game quite riveting. He was able to improvise and play the strings with a very relaxed style tetapu produce a sound that is very beautiful music. Not surprisingly, he along with DENTAL can produce a beautiful song with a touch tones but still sounds very male. Kesenduhan are not whiny. Song with a troubled sense that it does not sound heartbreaking but can still thrilling.
More Far With Guitar Gods
Which is referred to as a guitar god Jimi Hendrix. Excerpts of incredible guitar and perhaps no one has been able to compete with his prowess. Combined between talent and hard work is very noticeable when the guitar god with this kribonya hair onstage. Jimi Hendrix did not live long in this world. But his name still lives today. If no word guitar, it's hard not to be named. A dedication is so stunning and can be used as an example in the work.
His personal life is not exactly as beautiful guitar passage. He who died of a malignant disease that is said to be caught up in the lives of celebrities are not known and do not follow the rules of proper guidance of life. People may be menapikan anything done by Jimi Hendrix on the outside stage. They prefer the memory of the god as a skilled guitar playing his guitar. While his personal life enough to be the shadow that should not dampen the sense of awe to ketarmpilannya it. This is the world of music. Life is very diverse with extraordinary talent.

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